Build Season Days 6, 7, and 8!!

Programming has finished their drive code, as well as the camera vision code.img_1366-e1547515213212.jpg Electronics has also finished their dummy board, and have also tested various pistons that we will be using on our robot.img_1437 We have also made excellent progress with our prototyping! For our hatch intake, we experimented with using an umbrella, as well as an arm and a spring.

 We also have successfully tested our climbing mechanism on last year’s robot, and we are able to reach the 6” platform!img_1442

Our cargo intake is also working amazingly, and here is a video of its prototype in action! See the video here!



Build Season days 2, 3, 4, and 5!

For the past few days, our team has been working extensively on prototyping our mechanisms!

We are designing our robot to be able to work with both cargo and hatches, as well as be able to climb up the platforms.

We made some proof-of-concept prototypes out of cardboard, and are moving on to prototyping using wood and metal recycled from our previous robots in the next few days!



Today was the official game reveal for the 2019 season, and we could not be more excited! We held our kickoff event with the Sciborgs and parents, and all watched the game reveal live.


After the stream ended, we split up into groups, to discuss strategy and what we want our robot to be able to do.

We also read through and outlined the game manual, to further understand all aspects of the game, such as what we are and are not allowed to make our robot do.

Overall, we are all very excited for build, and cannot wait to see what robots we and other teams create!

Exciting Progress on our Preseason Projects!!

We have all made excellent progress on our projects for our pre-season!

Electronics tested their talons, and were also troubleshooting some problems that our previous robot had.

Programming continued to work on writing the code for mecanum wheels, and their rookies worked on learnign how to write code for West Coast drive!

Engineering rookies learned how to CAD a chassis, while veterans finalized the designs for the battery cart and a BasicBot that uses mecanum wheels.

Engineering veterans will also start construction for their projects by our next meeting!

Meeting the Rookies!

Today was our first meeting with our rookies for the year! We were all very excited, and as an icebreaker, did the Marshmallow Challenge!IMG_0279Rookies and veterans were grouped off, and had to construct a structure made out of spaghetti, duct tape, and string that could support a marshmallow. IMG_0276Our members were very creative with their approach to the challenge, such as forming the spaghetti into triangle shapes!IMG_0280 (1).JPG Other groups experimented to see which design would best complete the task.IMG_0277Overall, we had a very fun time, and cannot wait to work with the newest members of our team!

Preseason Projects!

Today, we had a very productive pre-season meeting!

Our Engineering department worked on the design for our new battery cart, and will start building it soon! IMG_0198

Other members of Engineering worked on designing and CADing the chassis for the basic bot, which will use mecanum wheels.

The rest of Engineering worked with some of the SciBorgs, and focused on learning how to use the CNC!


Strategy met, and discussed how to improve our team’s scouting form for future competitions.


We are all very excited for the upcoming season, and are very enthusiastic about our preseason projects!

The Fe Maidens are Going to World Championships in Detroit, Michigan!

Last weekend, the Fe Maidens competed at the 2018 New York City Regional at The Armory Track and Field Center. At the regional, we competed against fifty other FIRST robotics teams from all over the world.

new doc 2018-04-10 16.46.12_3 (1).jpg

The Fe Maidens were awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award, one of the most prestigious awards at FIRST, which celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school or organization and community.

The Fe Maidens were noted for their continuous efforts in both local and international outreach whether through programs such as EveryGirl Robotics here in NYC or mentoring  FLL, FTC, and FRC teams in Brazil, China, and Israel. Programs such as EveryGirl Robotics and local volunteering at community centers to foster interest in STEM among NYC youth demonstrate the extent of our team’s efforts to continue to legacy of FIRST and have a direct impact on our community. Our team’s impact stretches beyond borders as members of our team taught english and helped disabled children in Japan and Taiwan to mentoring FLL and FRC teams in Brazil and Israel. Our extensive publicity through three different internationally and nationally-aired documentaries about our team, including a PBS docu-series, and being featured in major news outlets such as Forbes, The Today Show, TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, and more also contributed to us receiving the Engineering Inspiration Award.

new doc 2018-04-10 16.46.12_4.jpg

Now, the Fe Maidens are set for World Championships in Detroit, Michigan from April 25-28. We’re really looking forward for the opportunity to meet teams from all over the world and compete again!

new doc 2018-04-10 16.46.12_1 (1).jpg