Skyping Brazilian Team 5800!

A few weeks ago, a member of FRC Team 5800, from Brazil, contacted our team and asked to skype! The 2018 season will be their first season participating in the New York City Regional, and they wanted to know more info about it!We were super excited for the opportunity and arranged a meeting!


When we skyped with them, we answered their questions about the regional, being on an all-girls team, and the weather in New York in April! We also agreed to loan them some batteries during the competition because they can’t ship them over!

We had a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see them during competition!


Double X Shop Tour!

A few weeks ago, FRC team 4856 reached out to us and asked to tour our shop and learn how to better organize and structure their team! We thought it would be so cool to help out another New York all-girls FRC team, so we arranged a time for them to tour!

IMG-2038 (1).JPG

At the meeting, we showed them our shop and all our resources. We also let them observe our meeting! If they had any questions, they were able to ask our team leadership! We also showed them how we use Asana and how we contact sponsors!

IMG-2034 (1).JPG

We had so much fun showing them around our shop!

Join us tonight for a conversation with the KLRN SciGirls and a screening of the first episode in the Iron Maiden docuseries at 8PM EST!

RSVP here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.13.07 07670PM

KLRN is the local subsidy of PBS in San Antonio, Texas and has a group of SciGirls, STEM-loving 8-13-year-old girls who participate in monthly Meet Ups and online screenings. In anticipation of this month’s Meet Up with the Witte Museum to view their newest exhibition, 2theXtreme: Math Alive!, the Fe Maidens are facilitating a screening of the Iron Maidens docuseries for the SciGirls and then answering their questions in an online Q&A session.

Camp Science 2017

Hello everyone! On Thursday, June 8th, we presented our robot to incoming Bronx Science students at Camp Science, our school’s incoming student orientation.

We were able to speak to many incoming students and encourage them to join the team in the fall.IMG_3549

Girls interested in the team were able to sign up for emails to learn more about the team and how they can join.


We had a great time showing the students our most recent robot, Polysteamus, from this past year’s game, FIRST Steamworks, and are excited to do it again in August!


Fe Maidens Featured in Book She’s So Boss by Stacy Kravetz

We are proud to present the publication of She’s So Boss by Stacy Kravetz.592918661600002800ddd248

The book highlights the experiences of ambitious and inventive young women, in addition to providing tips for those seeking to become entrepreneurs. The quotes, pictures, and anecdotes from the Fe Maidens are featured throughout the book, as well as its write up in the Huffington Post, available here.

She’s So Boss is available at most major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, and Target.


Homecoming 2016

Hello everyone! On Wednesday, November 23rd, our team had the pleasure of presenting our robot at the Bronx Science Homecoming Pep Rally.


Along with the SciBorgs, we drove our robot around the gymnasium in front of the Class of 2016 and other students.


We also reunited with alumni from both our team and the SciBorgs.


It was great to see you guys again!


World Maker Faire 2016

Hello everyone! On Sunday, October 2nd, we participated in the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. We had the opportunity to showcase our robot to parents and children.

Copy of 7Y8A9117.JPG

We talked about what our robot does and last year’s game, Stronghold.

Copy of 7Y8A9230.JPG

Moreover, we engaged young children and adults alike by giving them a chance to operate the robot and shoot a high goal.

Copy of 7Y8A9419.JPG

We had an amazing and unforgettable experience. We hope to be invited for many years to come!