FIRST Javits Regional Competition

Hey guys!


On  March 11th, 12th, and 13th, we participated in our first competition of the year at the Jacob K Javits Center! It was intense, as we started off the practice day with several problems that needed to be fixed for the next day. With help from other teams, great energy, and a lot of determination, we were able to get the robot running and ready to go for our matches on Saturday and Sunday.


Overall, we ranked 25th out of 66 teams! We are looking forward to competing at the South Florida regional!



Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 29


Today in Electronics, we drilled l channels to mount our board, attached the talons to the base of the robot, daisy chained our talons and began to assemble our new electrical board

Today in Programming, we tested the cannon shooter code, continued revising the Pid camera code, and continued researching camera code.

Today at in Construction, we got the piston to work, we attached the chain to the transmission, tightened the chassis, and made a new cam.

Today in P.R., we filmed all of the chairmans interviews and edited them together. The audio now sounds much better and we expect to finish the video tomorrow.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 28


Today in Electronics, we had to take apart the electronics board and put together encoders and attach them to cim motors. We then tested the motors, and found they work amazingly!

In Pubic Relations, we filmed the introduction and conclusion to the Chairmans video. We also met with the team parents to discuss how they could help us in the future.

In Programming, we made a lot of progress on PID by graphing encoder velocity and PWM. We also continued to research camera code.

In Construction, we mounted the drive trains, started linking the chains to the wheels, took off the launch shooter and worked on it some more, and finished lathing more mounts and setting up the field.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 27



Today Electronics and Programming worked together to test the transmission and pneumatics system.


In Public Relations, we worked on creating an order form for patches and sweatshirts. We then sent the form out to be completed by the team.


In Construction, we attached the pistons to the robot, but ran into a problem with some of the mechanisms.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 26



In Electronics, we crimped the motors on the shooter to test. We attached the solenoids and attached the back piece on the board to cover wires.


In Construction, we assembled the sot and started assembling the piston mount. We also worked with lexan and chain in the shop.


In Programming, we continued working on camera code as well as tested the shooter mechanism.

In Public Relations, we finished the t-shirt and shirt order. We also created a order form for the sweatshirt and patches.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 25



In Programming, we continued to research different methods of using vision code and implemented GRIP.


In Construction, we cut the chains for the wheels of the chassis. Moreover, we completed the wheel portion of the robot.


In Electronics, we screwed in the hinges and lid for the electronics board. Additionally, we fixed the pneumatics parts and decided where to place them in the perfboard.

In Public Relations, we worked on designing the team shirts. Additionally, we continued to work on the Dean List Essay.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 24

Hello everyone!


In Construction we worked on evening out the distances among the wheels.

In Programming, we got decided to replace RoboRealm with GRIP as a vision processing platform. Additionally, we installed and tested GRIP.

image2 (1)

In Electronics, we designed the pneumatics layout as well as the number of each component we would need.

In Public Relations we ordered button and Business card designs, planned the layout of our team standard, and worked on creating a back for our T-Shirt.