Hudson Valley Day Two!

We had so much fun at Hudson Valley today! We played some great defense, had a consistent autonomous, climbed a few times, and even scored in the scale! One thing that we’re loving about Power Up is the valut! It adds a whole new layer to the playing of the game!

We were interviewed a bunch of people today and visited by some lovely prospective members who made us a wonderful sign!


We’ve really been killing it with all the spirit! We have pens, bracelets, buttons, foam fingers, banners, other noise makers, and even temporary tattoos! We’re so thankful for all the parents for all of these things! Remember to¬† check us out tomorrow!


Hudson Valley Day One!

We had a super fun first day at our Hudson Valley Regional!

We got to fix all of the issues we had at stop build day! We also passed inspection and got to practice a few times! We loved meeting all the other teams and saw a ton of spirit and gracious professionalism!! Can’t wait to actually compete tomorrow!

Check out our matches below and be sure to check out all the awesome swag we have at our pit!

Screenshot (66)