Bag and Tag!!! Build is Over!

It’s been over a week since the last team update, but it’s because we’ve been so busy! We bagged and tagged our robot on Tuesday!! It’s currently looking great!

robot with u-squish

We spent Monday and Tuesday testing! We are happy to announce that all of our mechanisms work! We can successfully climb, intake cubes, and BE CLIMBED ON! CADrendering

We wanted to thank everyone who made this year possible! We have an amazing group of mentors, who spend large amounts of their free time helping us out either in person or via email. Our parents also provide a huge amount of support as well. This year, they built our field, paid for all our swag (we have some cool stuff to give out for competitions this year!!!!), and paid for all of our lunches on weekends or other 8 hr days. Last but not least, we would love to thank our sponsors, without whom there would be no Fe Maidens. We couldn’t have been so successful without all of you!

sponsors on robot image

We’re super proud of all our accomplishments! This is the first season we’ve had where a robot this complex performed so well in testing! We can’t wait for competition!!


Week Six!

We can’t believe it’s Week Six already!! We’ve been so busy and have gotten so much done!

Electronics lengthened talon wires, soldered grayhill encoder wires for the second robot, and began testing the cascade!


Construction fixed the intake mechanism and is almost ready to mount! They began bumpers and began cutting stock for the second bot!


Programming installed Raspbian OS on the raspberry pi and it worked!! They installed energia, wrote the code for the LEDs, and began testing the code!


Design began working on our cheesecake mechanism for other robots to climb on us! They also updated the CAD and the order form!


Week Five Update

We’re nearing the end of Week 5! In these past few days we have made huge strides! Our team members dedicated their lunches and free periods working on the robot!

We ran into a bit of an inconvenience early in the week when one of our storage areas (which we have nicknamed “limbo” flooded) Luckily, all of the robots kept there are elevated onto carts, but we do keep some excess wood and the smaller field elements.


Electronics soldered motors, mounting the signal light, wiring the grayhill encoders, assembling wires through e chain, and working on our button board!!


Programming is simplifying the PID code and linked our website to a new domain!! Check it out at !


PR submitted the Chairman’s Award! Our video is now on youtube!! We are also editing our business plan and beginning to work on our robot reveal video!

Construction mounted the top plate to the cascade, CNC’d the hooks, assembled all the gearboxes, tensioned the steel cable, removed the old chain from the cascade and started putting on the new chain!


Design worked on making renderings of the CAD for the technical binder!


We can’t wait to practice driving on the lovely field that the parents built for us!


Skyping Brazilian Team 5800!

A few weeks ago, a member of FRC Team 5800, from Brazil, contacted our team and asked to skype! The 2018 season will be their first season participating in the New York City Regional, and they wanted to know more info about it!We were super excited for the opportunity and arranged a meeting!


When we skyped with them, we answered their questions about the regional, being on an all-girls team, and the weather in New York in April! We also agreed to loan them some batteries during the competition because they can’t ship them over!

We had a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see them during competition!


Week Five Begins!

We can’t believe we only have two weeks left! Build season is really going by so quickly!

Construction worked on the chain and rigging for the lifts and cut the wood for the bumpers!


Electronics is ready to mount the board! They wired the grayhill motors and limit switch and lengthened the LED strips!


Design worked on our banner, our CAW, our bumpers, and updating the CAD. They also designed the new hook!


Programming rewrote the PID code to drive straight at certain distances and tested it. They then tested the limit switch!


PR submitted Woodie Flowers, almost completed the Chairman’s video, sent out the sponsor newsletter, and worked on finding more potential sponsors!


Also, we wanted to thank the parents for completing the scale! It is massive and they spent many weekends building it for us! We can’t wait to test our robot with it!

Double X Shop Tour!

A few weeks ago, FRC team 4856 reached out to us and asked to tour our shop and learn how to better organize and structure their team! We thought it would be so cool to help out another New York all-girls FRC team, so we arranged a time for them to tour!

IMG-2038 (1).JPG

At the meeting, we showed them our shop and all our resources. We also let them observe our meeting! If they had any questions, they were able to ask our team leadership! We also showed them how we use Asana and how we contact sponsors!

IMG-2034 (1).JPG

We had so much fun showing them around our shop!

Week Four Update

It’s almost the end of week four! We have had a hectic week!

Both of our electronics boards are ready to be mounted!


Construction finished milling the bearing holes for the motor mounts, mounted our cascade to the chassis, started gearboxes and intake motors, assembled the wheels and hubs and placed them on chassis, and cut all the cable for the chassis!


Design finished the technical binder! They worked closely with construction to troubleshoot some mounting problems that arose, and finished CADing the bumpers!!

Programming finished the image detection code, wrote sample code connecting the roborio to the arduino for an LED status check, cleaned up and began to test the PID code, debugged camera code, and are now learning how to do off-board vision processing on the Raspberry Pi!


PR finished Woodie Flowers, updated our sponsorship materials, and made several phone calls and emails to potential sponsors!


On top of all of this, on Wednesday we participated in our school’s food fair!  We had a ton of really awesome food made by our lovely team members! We also had a ton of excess food and got to snack at the end of the meeting!!


Today, we gave Double X Robotics, a fellow NYC all-girls team, a tour of our shop and advice on how to better organize their working environment! They spent most of the meeting asking our leadership questions!! We are so happy to be able to help our fellow all-girls team and loved getting to meet all the girls!