Week Four Update!

The Fe Maidens have been busy! Some of our very dedicated team members went in on Monday to work on the robot even though we had off!

Electronics fixed the talons on our first board! They also are ready to fix the problems that arose on the second board!


Construction FINISHED all the stages of the cascade!! They also modified and tested the prototype of the the intake mechanism! Some adjustments to the actual mechanism have been finalized!


Design is currently working on the bumpers and updating the CAD to match the changes we made on the mechanisms!


Programming helped to fix the talons on the first board and started working on the second board! They then reimaged one roborio!


Week Four!

The Fe Maidens have been so busy and we can’t believe that it’s Week Four already!!

Electronics finished wiring our second board! They also began lengthening the encoder wires and working on LEDs!!


Programming finished LED code, began working with Raspberry Pi for vision, and finished and tested code for PID drive!!


Construction assembled all of the ladder stock, cut and began to assemble the cascade lift, and prototypes spring hinges for our intake mechanism!


Design did the CAW! They also updated all the CADs to match the changes we made to design!


PR recorded everything for the Chairman’s video, finished Woodie Flowers, and finished our business plan!

A huge thank you to the parents for building our switch and scale!!


Week Three Update


We are almost halfway into build!!!

In Construction, our girls drilled holes for the button box, completed the bearing assemblies, cut stock and began to assemble our intake mechanism, and further prototyped!!


Design CADed the bumpers, intake mechanism bearing assemblies, intake mechanism rod , and worked on the driver station!


Programming worked  on our website! They also wrote code for a limit switch for our intake mechanism and LEDs. Finally, they researched launchpad buttons!


Electronics began mounting to the electronics board!!




Week Two Update 2!

The Fe Maidens have made great progress during Week 2!

Design has finished CADing ALL of our mechanisms for the robot!! All they have remaining are bumpers and mounts.



Electronics cut perfboard for both of the robots and mounted most of the components. They also made the box for the Launchpad custom driver station and began 3-D printing the keycaps.IMG_4145

Construction tested Rose’s prototype and decided to use a combination of the Rose’s and Jason’s prototypes. We are so thankful for our new sponsorship with seatbeltplanet.com for providing us with seatbelts to allow us to test our final prototype, Mr. Morrell’s.

They also assembled the drivetrain for the practice chassis and taught the rookies how to use the CNC.

Programming has finished the code for all the mechanisms and is working on vision and PID code.

We are looking forward to the rest of the week when we start assembling our final mechanisms!

Week Two Update!

The Fe Maidens have been busy!!

Design has almost finished CADing ALL of our mechanisms for the robot!!



Construction finished the T-plates for the transmissions, assembled the arduino box for Electronics,  tested our intake mechanism, practiced engraving on the CNC, and planned out three pseudo-chassis prototypes!

Programming finished all of our code except the cascade!!! They then went over debugging technique with rookies and updated out website!

Finally, our electronics department 3-D printed a launchpad case and began CADing the electronics board!!!


Overall, we’ve had a super productive past few days!!

Week One Update

In the past two days, the Fe Maidens have completed a ton of work and are on schedule!

Yesterday, our programming department finished our center, left, and right autonomous code, the acquiring code, the drivetrain code, and the transmission code! They’ve also almost completed our vision code!!


Our design department finished CADing the bearing assembly for our climber and continued to finalize a climbing design!

Screenshot 2018-01-09 20.42.44

Construction continued prototyping our various mechanisms!

IMG-1661 (1).JPG

Electronics worked on CADing the electronics board!!



We’re halfway through Week One and eager to get started on the mechanisms and driver training!!!

Build Season- Kickoff Weekend!

Last Saturday was FRC Kickoff!! The game , POWER UP,  was announced and the Maidens immediately got to work! We spent the entire day analyzing the game videos,  pouring over the rule  book, and strategizing!

Design even completed a CAD of our drivetrain!!!Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 8.52.40 40771PM.png


On Sunday, our construction team got to work and completed our chassis!


Concurrently, our design team began CADing different prototypes, one of which construction managed to complete with hand drawings!!!

Inline image 3Inline image 5

We’re so excited for the remainder of the season!!!