Homecoming 2017

We had a great time at Homecoming this year! We got to see Fe Maidens and Sciborgs who graduated last year and presented our robot to current students and the Class of 2017.

(Photo credit: Sinaia Keith Lang of the Science Survey, our school newspaper).

Join us tonight for a conversation with the KLRN SciGirls and a screening of the first episode in the Iron Maiden docuseries at 8PM EST!

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KLRN is the local subsidy of PBS in San Antonio, Texas and has a group of SciGirls, STEM-loving 8-13-year-old girls who participate in monthly Meet Ups and online screenings. In anticipation of this month’s Meet Up with the Witte Museum to view their newest exhibition, 2theXtreme: Math Alive!, the Fe Maidens are facilitating a screening of the Iron Maidens docuseries for the SciGirls and then answering their questions in an online Q&A session.