Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 25-27

Hey guys! WE COMPLETED THE ROBOT! Here’s what we accomplished today:



The pistons were mounted on the front.
The electronics and pneumatics were finished.
The roller and ratchet were mounted onto the climber.
The LED strip was mounted onto the robot (and it looks fantastic!!!).
The robot was given to programming, and they tested drive and climber code (which work perfectly) and the pneumatics code.
The chute was mounted onto the second chassis.
The protective covering for the chain was started.
Tomorrow we will not be meeting because DeBlasio is really desperate to get reelected, so have a great day off and be back and ready to work on Friday!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 23 & 24

Hello Team! Congrats on making it through week 4 of build! This means that we are now 2/3 of the way done with the season; but worry not, because our robot is almost completely constructed.
In Construction, we cut and drilled the pieces the mount the chute and then mounted it onto the board.
The encoders were attached to the CIMs and the electronics boards were attached onto the robot. Electronics started to hook up all of the wiring and pneumatics and will finish it tomorrow.
Construction also worked on the 2nd chassis, belting it and starting to attach the side pieces for the climber.
We have decided to switch out the original flap pieces on the chute for something more durable: pistons. Design have come up with mounts for those and for the camera and have started printing them.
Programming has completed almost all of their code and will begin testing as soon as possible.
See you all tomorrow!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 20-22

Hello everyone! Great work today and a special thanks to everyone who stayed until 7! Here’s what we accomplished:
The sides for the climber were attached, and the base of the chute was attached.
The support pieces to attach the chute were cut and the electronics board was positioned and recut and will be attached tomorrow.
The new base for the second chassis was attached, and the cross-beams for the chute were cut.
In Electronics, we continued working on the second board as well as attaching and finalizing the first one.
Tomorrow and Saturday will be busy, but we’re sure we will be able to stay on schedule! Keep up the good work!