Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 15-19

Hello everyone! Now that we have finally completed our midyear exams, here is an update on what we’ve accomplished this week:


We are actually building two robots this season: one for competition and one to practice driving after the first robot has been bagged and tagged. We have already cut and assembled the chassis frame for the practice bot. Tomorrow, the transmissions and wheels will be attached, and then we will put on the belts.


The main bodies of the (two) chutes have been cut and assembled. Tomorrow they will be complete and the parts for mounting them will be cut.


The bumpers are almost complete. So far, two sets have been made and are currently being covered in fabric, and a third pair is underway.


The first chassis was belted, then taken apart in order to locktite everything, and then reassembled.


In Electronics, we have wired up all the main electrical components and will start pneumatics tomorrow.


In Programming, we have made huge headway into camera code/ auton, and will be testing tomorrow.


In Design, we are almost done CADing the entire robot.


And during this time, our team captain Charlotte has been doing a lot of driver practice on the preseason bot using the prototypes.


Congrats on making it through half of Build Season! You all have put in a huge amount of effort and it has been more than paying off. We are so proud of you!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 14

Hello everyone! Here is what was accomplished at yesterday’s meeting:
The chassis was completed (yay!) and now construction is working on the lexan base.
The preseason chassis has all of its electronics checked, programming used it to test code, and then we reattached the chute prototype and did some driving practice. The final version of the climber prototype was assembled and will be tested tomorrow.
In Design, we finished CADing the entire robot, and we will be sending that CAD out soon so you can all see the final design.
In Programming, we successfully masked a static image of retro reflective tape and did it on a live feed, as well as measuring images, which they will use to calculate distances.
Leadership has come to final decisions on the robot design: the chute will be made out of aluminum instead of lexan and we will not be shooting fuel.
See you all tomorrow!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 12 & 13

Hello everyone! Good job on another highly productive weekend.
In Construction, we finished putting back together our preseason chassis with the new two-speed transmissions and electronics rewired it, so now programming will have something they can use to test their code while we finish up this season’s chassis.
In Electronics, we rewired the preseason chassis and created a circuit that lit up LED when a limit switch was pressed in preparation for this seasons sensor work.
In Programming, learned how to filter & mask images with OpenCV.
In Design, we worked on CADing the chute and creating a system to stop the gear falling out of the front of it.
See you all on Monday!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 10 & 11

Hey girls! We thankfully had another two productive days of Build Season. Here’s what happened:


Luckily, when we took off the cimcoders, the transmissions fit onto the tiny chassis, so we will be able to finish our chassis this week and stay on schedule!


In Design, we finished their plans for mounting the chute and mounting the climber.


In Electronics, we worked on their general layout for the electronics and set up the pneumatics components.


In Programming, we started learning OpenCV and vision code.


In Construction, we worked on getting the two sets of transmissions ready for the respective chassis, cut more pieces for the climber, and began cutting wood and L-channel for the bumpers.


See you all tomorrow!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 9

Hello Team! After a difficult meeting and a long weekend, we’ve gotten back to a great pace!

We’ve come up with a solution to the issue of the climber needing to be able to move upwards like we discussed today, courtesy of Rose: the rope will have a loose knot that will come undone as it’s pulled.
In Construction, we came up with a solution to our transmission crisis; we are instead going to use single stage transmissions. In fact, we are using the transmissions from the preseason robot, so construction began taking those off the old chassis to put into the new one.  Also, bumper construction began, the final design for the chute is complete and the front piece was cut out of lexan.
In Programming, we started testing their autonomous driving, and is working out some difficulties they encountered. They also started to program a button that would make the robot drive in a straight line.
In Design, we helped work out the aforementioned problems, calculated the gear ratios we will need for our climber, and practiced their freehand drawing.
In Electronics, we continued working with arduino and started designing their layout for the board on the bot.
See you tomorrow!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Days 7 & 8

Hey Team! Congrats on making it through week one! This week has been amazing, and although we had a bit of a setback on Saturday, we are still way ahead of schedule, thanks so everyone’s amazing work. On Friday and Saturday a lot was done:
In Construction, the transmissions were completed in record time! Unfortunately, the transmissions were very large and our chassis is very small, and because of our oversights, it actually turns out that the transmissions are too big to, along with the motors, fit into the robot.
There are several possible solutions: we are looking into mounting the motors and transmissions above the wheels, and have begun prototyping a mounting system to see if that would work. If that is not possible, we can also change our transmissions from two speed down to one speed.
In addition, the chassis frame was done, and then redone because it was originally slightly crooked (it was only off my 1/16th of an inch, but accuracy is really important).
In Design, we have abandoned our old climber designs and have chosen to use Velcro instead. The design for the chute is complete, and we will begin building the final mechanism on Tuesday.
We have also been working on their freehand drawing skills and have been CADing the chassis.
In Electronics, we finished fixing the preseason bot, programming loaded code onto it, and we were able to drive it around with the chute mechanism on top, and everything worked perfectly!
We have also been working on Arduinos and learning how to use LED strips.
In Programming, we finished the code for the encoders and got it to work, and then finished all non-camera related autonomous code.
Have an amazing day off and see you all Tuesday!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 6

Hello everyone! Today was amazing!


In Construction, we finished drilling the holes for the side rails of the chassis, came up with an entirely new design for the climber which they began prototyping, continued testing and improving the chute prototype, and started to assemble the transmissions.


In Electronics, we started testing with Arduino and fixed some electronics issues on the preseason bot, where they finished the pneumatics on as well.


In Programming, we started introducing camcode to the department and wrote code for the led ring and the encoders.


In Design, we fixed our issues in CADing and practiced their freehand drawing and scale skills.


Tomorrow, we will continue working on the chassis and transmissions, continue to develop the climber designs, mount the chute prototype on the preseason chassis, test encoder code, add a new talon onto the preseason bot, and finish its pneumatics.
See you then!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 5

Hey girls! Congrats on another highly productive day!


In Electronics, we fixed and tested the board on the preseason bot, added encoders to the motors, and began researching LED strips.


In Programming, we started testing the code on the preseason chassis and started writing code for the encoders in order to have the climber stop automatically.


In Design, we updated the diagrams for the chassis to include holes, worked on CADing the chassis, and constructed a second version of the climber prototype.


In Construction, we began measuring, cutting, and milling the chassis pieces, finished the construction of the chute prototype, and tested that prototype, which was really effective!


See you all tomorrow!

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 4

Hey girls! Today we continued to work hard on planning and designing our robot.


In Construction, we built a second version of the climbing prototype and is almost complete with a full-scale wooden (and a bit of cardboard) version of the gear chute.


In Programming, we finished all of the driving and mechanism code for this years bot just 4 days into Build Season.


In Electronics, we finished wiring the preseason bot, so we will test it tomorrow.


In Design, we finished the prototype and chassis designs.


Tomorrow we will finish the chute prototype, continue to improve the lifter, and test our newly completed preseason chassis. Good work everyone!