Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 17

Hey! Here’s what we accomplished today:


In Programming, we added transmission code to the drive train, continued working on PID, and began to add code to OI.


In Electronics, we worked on planning out the board and making sure that all the proper components fit on the space that we have.


In Construction,


In Public Relations, we worked on the animation for our Chairman’s video. We continued to develop ideas to further perfect the video clips we have, and we made an estimate of a timeline for when we could get those things done most effectively.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 16

Hello! Here’s what got done today:

In Programming, we started testing for camera. Additionally, we updated the cannon code and updated PID code.

Today Electronics and Construction worked very closely. In both departments we continued CADing. We also researched 3 position pistons, and how to wire them (since we will now be using them on the robot.)

IMG_2332.jpgIMG_2330.jpgIn Public Relations, we clipped different parts of the Chairmans Video, adjusted more audio clips, and wrote the weekly newsletter.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 15

Hello! Here’s what we did today:


In Programming, we started writing our PID code, researched how to apply encoders, started our camera code, and finalized the button system.


In Electronics, we continued CADing the chassis, asked for the dimensions of the board, and planned layouts for the board.


In Construction, we fixed the issues with the chassis, finalized the shooter design, and began cutting frames for the shooter.


In Public Relations, we researched non-copyrighted background music for our Chairman’s video and adjusted the audio files on the clips.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 14

Hey there, fellow blog viewers! Today we got a lot done (even after our midterm exams)!


In Programming. we completed and tested our drivetrain code, finalized our button code and are now working on PID for our canon code and on our camera code.


In Electronics, we continued CADing this year’s robot, finished the chassi and began to plan our board layout.


In Construction, we worked on our chassis frame and milled the mounting plates for the wheels with extra precise measurements.


In Public Relations, we edited our Chairman’s video (by cropping and searching for background music) and script.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 13



In Programming, we finalized the canon code (and will be testing it soon) and finished the robot map template. We also researched more about PID.


In Electronics, we crimped wires, figured out battery placement on the board, and attached the programming board to the tank chassis to retest it. We also rewired the motors. 


In Construction, we worked on cutting the rectangles, discussed wheel placement with our mentors, and worked on CADing the chassis.


In Public Relations, we solved the issue of space on the laptop. We also continued to clip the interview videos.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 12

Hello, everyone!

In Programming, we tested our prototype code.


In Electronics, we tried CADing the chassis. We also researched and order materials. Additionally, we researched more about encoders and tested our shooters.


In Construction, we searched for metal and drew a side view of the chassis.


In Public Relations, we finished writing our weekly newsletter, started editing (and cropping) our Chairman’s video, and brainstormed ideas for the theme of our Chairman’s video.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 11

Hey there! 


In Programming, we started testing and using the finished prototype code. We started working on canon code, which is the code that will go into the actual robot. We also started writing our drive train and PID code. In addition, the rookies researched and worked on writing our drive train code.

In Electronics, we started with a crash course of construction design. Additionally, we worked on CADing C-base Corner connect for the chassis and fixed PWM wires on the talons for the shooter.


In Construction, we also worked with Electronics for the crash course. We started sketching and designing the turret and successfully tested the shooter.


In Public Relations, we recorded two more  interviews and continued taking pictures. We also searched for a central theme for our video design and started editing some film.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 10

Yet another day of hard work for the maidens!


Today in Construction, we finished the rough terrain and planned out storage for field components and bases for the outer works.


In Electronics, we received the drawing of the chassis from Programming and worked on CADing the drawing.

image1 (1)
In Programming, we did more camera code research. We read about image comparison and blob teachings and started to work with images on RoboRealm, learning a lot as we went along.
In Public Relations, we took more photos and videos for the Chairman’s video. We also completed another two Chairman’s interviews and rehashed our methods for filming and editing.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 9

Hey there! Today we were very productive! 


In Programming, we started writing pseudo-code for all our subsystems and we solved for the range where a robot can shoot.


In Electronics, we worked on CADing the old robot.


In Construction, we worked on blowing up our pneumatic wheels and building the shooter.


In Public Relations, we worked on interviewing the team for the Chairman’s video. We also started working on designs for the department patches and our hoodies.

Daily Dose of Iron – Build Season Day 8

Hey friends! We got a lot of work done today!


In Programming, we figured out the shooting angle and range for shooting the boulders into the Tower. We are also working on setting up FRCSim and researching PID.


In Electronics, we researched other teams’ CAD models and looked into CAD libraries.


In Construction, we worked on the rough terrain by cutting and marking more pieces. We also continued assembling the prototype and cutting materials for chassis.


In Public Relations, we edited our Chairman’s essay, researched how to work our new camera, tested our microphone, made a schedule for filming our video, and finished shooting member photos for our website.