Mini Maker Faire

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Sunday was a great day to be at the Mini Maker Faire. On November 8th, 2015, our team attended the first Mini Maker Faire at Barnes & Nobles in Bay Plaza of the Bronx. Numerous people came together to provide the crowds of people with projects and interesting conversations.

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We brought our robot to explain to both adults and children how each part of the robot works (and how it breaks). The children were instantly interested in how we build a robot from scratch. They were also inspired by the team’s knowledge and passion to share its robots with the community. We demonstrated not only our strong collaborative and communicative skills, but also our skills in leadership. We strived to demonstrate how motivated we were to build the robot.

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“I was really surprised at how all the children were so enthusiastic about our robots since it shows hope for their future in these fields. 7 hours went by really quickly and it was really cool to see 5- and 6-year-olds to ask things like ‘Is this the motor? Does it control the robot?’” says Jenny Li.

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This motivation and inspiration in younger generations are reflected in our work throughout the years. It is something we hope to see continue in the future.