Iron Maidens Documentary Airs September 12 on PBS Storycast!

We are excited to announce that PBS will be featuring a docuseries about the FeMaidens! The first of six episodes will be available on September 12th on PBS’s new online channel Indie Lens Storycast in the #1 launch slot!20424025_10155845696484925_6065155437560252509_o
We are so thankful to Killer Media for filming the documentary!


Camp Science 2017

Hello everyone! On Thursday, June 8th, we presented our robot to incoming Bronx Science students at Camp Science, our school’s incoming student orientation.

We were able to speak to many incoming students and encourage them to join the team in the fall.IMG_3549

Girls interested in the team were able to sign up for emails to learn more about the team and how they can join.


We had a great time showing the students our most recent robot, Polysteamus, from this past year’s game, FIRST Steamworks, and are excited to do it again in August!


Fe Maidens Featured in Book She’s So Boss by Stacy Kravetz

We are proud to present the publication of She’s So Boss by Stacy Kravetz.592918661600002800ddd248

The book highlights the experiences of ambitious and inventive young women, in addition to providing tips for those seeking to become entrepreneurs. The quotes, pictures, and anecdotes from the Fe Maidens are featured throughout the book, as well as its write up in the Huffington Post, available here.

She’s So Boss is available at most major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, and Target.